Wiki of Thrones Deathpool

In order to make the final season more interesting, we have created a Game Of Thrones Death Pool for you and your friends. Now you can test your deduction skills every week before the episode airs and guess which characters are going to live and die and by the end of the final episode we will find out which fan wins the Death Pool and becomes the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

How to participate

  1. Every week before the episode airs, make a prediction whether a character lives or dies.
  2. Share it with your friends to see who manages to get the most number of correct answers.
  3. Once the episode is over, check the leaderboard and submit predictions for the next episode.
Get Started

Disclaimer: Wiki Of Thrones Death Pool is an un-official fan website and we are not associated with HBO, Game Of Thrones or any of it’s associated brands.

About Wiki Of Thrones Death Pool

Create a group with your friends or join one. Once you do, it's time to fill out your death pool!

Predict who will Live or Die

Once you sign in and select a username, you will see a list of characters and you have to select if those characters will live or die. After the episode gets over, we will create a new list of surviving characters and also add new characters if there are any and then you can make new predictions for the upcoming episode.

Points System

You get 1 point for every correct prediction. In addition to that, there will also be a bonus question in the end, which is worth more than one point. One you select all answers, press the submit button.

Play with your friends

The Death Pool becomes more interesting when you have your friends playing with you. Do share it with your friends and see who gets the maximum correct predictions.

Grand Prize

You will be able to make predictions every week before the episode airs and the person with the most number of points at the end of the season will become the rule of The Seven Kingdoms and also win a grand prize that will be announced soon.

Contact Us

If you want to get in touch with us to share ideas or suggestions or if you want to sponsor a prize for the winner, please contact us at


Wiki Of Thrones Death Pool is a project that we have worked on to make Game Of Thrones Season 8 even more interesting for the fans. Everything is self-funded and there are development and server costs involved for bringing this game to you. If you enjoyed our Death Pool, do make a tiny contribution to help us manage the expenses.